The following pages retrace my work with clay for the past ten years .
It is slow work, following nature’s pace, as opposed to the frantic rhythms of life today.
W ith the desire, also, to progressively do away with the tools that come between the clay and myself , so as to better achieve a natural blending with it, turning it into an extension of my own body.
While I make and unmake forms, I transform myself .
More than a profession, this has become a way of life : by embodying, in clay ,the way I view the world itself , I manage to better understand myself , to understand the other.
Thus, a game of connections occurs between my workshop’s microcosm and the macrocosm that transcends us .
On this journey, I can feel a coherence that gives meaning to my being and encourages me to persist beyond the doubts that crop up along the way. So that it is a kind of story that I tell to those who wish to follow.
Theodora Chorafas.